July 26, 2019

New eBay Scam Could Bite Shooters Looking to Sell Old Camera Gear

Buyer falsely claims to receive the wrong camera, returns a lower-priced model, and gets eBay to refund the sale price.

Caveat Emptor. It’s Latin for “Let the buyer beware.” But if you’re a “Brady Bunch” fan, you already know that, since you learned about it along with young Greg Brady after he was ripped off buying a car without his dad’s permission. It was a harsh, but valuable business lesson for Greg to learn, but if he was selling stuff on eBay today, forty years later, he’d be learning about Caveat Venditor instead. “Let the SELLER beware,” because there’s a new scam which not only robs the seller of the money earned selling a product but of the product itself. And eBay isn’t too keen on helping the victims, either.

“In reality, he simply took my camera out of the packaging box, put his inside, took photos and sent them to eBay as ‘proof’ that I’d sent him the wrong product,” Moughon says.

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Source: NoFilmSchool