July 26, 2019

DisplayPort 2 Is on Its Way and Will Future-Proof Your 8K Workflows

New display standard promises up to 80 Gbps bandwidth and multi-monitor support for 8K, or a single monitor in 16K, and in HDR.

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced the DisplayPort 2 spec last week, making it the most significant update to the PC display connection since its introduction in 2006. The updated DP2 standard more than doubles the actual bandwidth of DP1.4, which maxes out at 32.40 GBps on a single cable. In addition, DisplayPort 2 also supports 30-bit color, which will offer over a billion different colors and shades. On paper, it sounds like a pretty worthy advance that is long overdue.

With the new DisplayPort 2 spec, editors will also be able to push up to 80GB per second of 8K HDR video, supporting two 8K displays running at 120Hz, or a single 16K HDR screen (when that exists) at 60Hz on a single cable. That also translates into three monitors running 10K. That’s sure to make the next generation of post-production teams happy as they look at an 8K future and beyond.

VESA Board Vice Chairman Syed Athar Hussain says:

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Source: NoFilmSchool