July 12, 2019

Expert Publicists Explain How to Get Your Film Seen on a Budget

Everything you wanted to know about independent film publicity (and how to get it).

If you want people to see your movie, first they need to know it exists. You need attention. But how do you break through the noise to end up on an audience member’s radar? That’s where good publicity comes in.

Maybe you are a guest on someone’s favorite podcast, reviewed in Variety, or even The New York Times. Or, maybe it’s front page news in your hometown newspaper. When I was releasing my feature film, Different Flowers, I was so nervous about working with the press. I had a million questions. How do you get a good review? How do you know what to say in interviews? How do you even know which members of the press to contact?

Turns out there are experts with answers to all of these questions and more: publicists. Working with a skilled publicist can help you tell the story of your movie and get noticed. It takes years of experience, dedication, and learning from past mistakes to excel at getting exposure for a project, but lucky for you, we have compiled advice from the experts.

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Source: NoFilmSchool