July 5, 2019

SIRUI Releases New 400mm and Anamorphic Smartphone Lenses

These SIRUI lenses may up your mobile video and photography game.

In the market for some glass for your smartphone? SIRUI USA has launched a pair of intriguing new mobile lenses. The first is the TL-400, a 400mm telephoto lens, and the other is the VD-O1, a 2:4:1 anamorphic lens, and both have some pretty sweet specs.

Let’s take a closer look.

TL-400mm Lens

The TL-400 long focus lens has features not normally found on mobile phone lenses:

  • Aircraft aluminum housing components
  • German manufactured Schott Optical glass lens elements
  • Multilayer, anti-reflective coatings, with high light transmission levels
  • Precise color rendition
  • Reduced vignetting and distortion

The TL-400 is being sold as a kit, with, in addition to the lens:

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Source: NoFilmSchool