June 28, 2019

How Long Does it Take to Write a Screenplay?

Maybe this is your first foray into the trade, or maybe you’re stuck on act two and want to give up, but we’ve all asked “how long does it take to write a screenplay” at one point or another. So…how long will it take to finish your script?

I started a screenplay back in November of 2018 and I think I’m almost done now. In between starting that one and now, I’ve written two TV shows and rewritten another script. Today we’re going to cover how there is no right answer to “how long does it take to write a screenplay?”

Instead of giving you the information, we’ll talk about strategy, process, and answer a few other questions.

Let’s go!

How long should a screenplay be?

I get this question a lot. The general answer is 80-120 pages. There are a ton of exceptions to the rule, but if you’re a first-time writer, those are the parameters most producers want to see your script stay within. After people figure out how many pages they have to write in a script they usually ask the next biggest question…

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Source: NoFilmSchool