June 21, 2019

The 5K Full Frame Octopus Camera Lets You Switch Out Sensors

Octopus Cinema’s debut open-source prototype offers an open platform with interchangeable parts.

London-based company Octopus Cinema is cooking up a camera that will interest fans of open source tech. The Octopus Camera is a customizable rig which runs on Linux and supports a variety of sensors from XIMEA, with features including “full-frame 35mm, Global Shutter, native Monochrome and more.”

The company’s official website only lists specs for XIMEA sensors, but according to Cinema 5D’s Jakub Han, the Octopus will also support modules from Sony and CMV in the future.

Of the available XIMEA sensors, Octopus has released specs for two: full frame and 4/3 inch. Both can shoot 12-bit Lossless Cinema DNG in 4k at up to 30 frames per second, and both offer 10-bit HEVC for faster frame rates at varying resolutions. Additional recording formats can be added trivially with the SDK through Libavcodec or 3rd party libraries. Full specs below:

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Source: NoFilmSchool