June 21, 2019

Should We Worry About the Future of Entertainment? Maybe

If you’re at all media savvy, then you’re probably aware of the tectonic shifts that have taken place over the last few years.

And many of these shifts are causing huge changes within the entertainment industry. For example, there are numerous over-the-top streaming services, most popping up so frequently it’s almost impossible to keep track of them. Disney will soon pull all its properties off Netflix onto its own streaming service, Disney+, leaving Netflix potentially barren. Then, earlier this year, we saw Steven Spielberg publicly berating Netflix only to turn around and join Jeffrey Katzenberg’s new mobile streaming platform, Quibi.

What is going on?!

Couple all this uncertainty over these platforms with the ongoing debate over theatrical distribution. Can the traditional model of releasing a movie in the cinema, then moving it into home/streaming release, survive in today’s world of instant gratification? Will small, arthouse indie films still have a place alongside the blockbuster tentpoles?

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Source: NoFilmSchool