June 16, 2019

‘Joker’: Todd Phillips Confirms Gritty Joaquin Phoenix-Starring Batman Spinoff Will Be Rated R

Since its inception, there’s been little question that Todd Phillips’ much-anticipated Batman villain spinoff “Joker” would be a superhero story of the dark and gritty variety, but the filmmaker has now confirmed that the Joaquin Phoenix-starring film will be rated R. In a new Instagram post, Phillips shared a fresh look at Phoenix in character, noting that he and his star are putting “finishing touches” on the fall release.

In the comments, a curious fan asked Phillips about the MPAA rating for the film, to which Phillips replied, “it will be Rated R. I’ve been asked this a lot. Just assumed people knew.”

The film will join a number of recent other R-rated superhero films, including both “Deadpool” features and “Watchmen.” While the film is not a part of the official DC Extended Universe, it does hail from the DCEU’s home studio Warner Bros., which has mostly offered superhero films in the PG-13 rating range (even the darker of the series’ entries like “Suicide Squad” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”).

“Joker” is set in 1981 and stars Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a stand-up comedian whose failed attempts to become famous force him into the criminal underworld of Gotham City. The supporting cast includes Robert De Niro as a talk show host who factors into Arthur’s psychological downfall and “Atlanta” and “Deadpool” favorite Zazie Beetz as a single mother who is Arthur’s love interest. Frances Conroy, Bill Camp, and Marc Maron co-star.

The film has been described as hewing to the tone of Martin Scorsese’s 1970s gangster movies, including “Mean Streets.” Phoenix has described the movie as feeling more like a low-budget indie than a giant comic book movie, while Marc Maron recently shared “Joker” is the “character study of a mentally ill person.”

You can see Phillips’ Instagram below, in which he’s active in the comments when it comes to answering questions from excited fans.

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Finishing touches.

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Warner Bros. will release “Joker” in theaters nationwide October 4. Watch the first official trailer below.

Source: IndieWire film