June 14, 2019

How Sound Design Tricks Your Ears [Video]

Sound design in film is not only about creating a rich foley landscape, it’s also about creating emotion.

In the world of sound design, everything from sound effects, music, and dialogue is added in post-production. And it’s not always about matching exact sounds to whatever is happening on-screen — sometimes sound designers use different sounds that will still work with the images (like sizzling bacon during a rain scene) if it will create a stronger emotional reaction.

Now You See It’s latest video takes viewers on a sonic journey, opening on Star Wars’ sound design. Watch it below.

Strange and familiar

Legendary Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt was tasked with populating a whole new universe of sounds. As the video shows, he did this by grounding a lot of the sound design in the familiar, so audiences would still have a connection with what they were hearing.

The TIE fighters are taken from the roar of elephants, but they also sound distinctly like dive-bombing German planes from World War II — which links the sound to an established historical connotation.

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Source: NoFilmSchool