May 24, 2019

Three Easy Hacks to Improve Your Creativity

Everyone can use a jump-start on their creativity sometimes.

That’s why these tips from Marc Silber might help you.

Silber is a photographer and author, but his ideas about creativity can apply to those of us in the film industry, too! If you’re a director, cinematographer, or even a screenwriter, you’re working in a visual medium and can absolutely put his advice to good use.

Watch his first video about creative hacks below.

1. Use your power of visualization

Again, Silber is discussing this as it applies to taking a photograph, but if you’re directing or DPing a film (or even lighting or designing sets), you’re going to be doing exactly the same thing—conceptualizing images, bringing them to life, then shooting them.

The visualization of a film is usually going to be the screenplay or a treatment, which will then lead to storyboarding and previs.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our pieces about aesthetics and visual language, and our series on the cinematographer’s process. You might also check out Shot By Shot, a book by Stephen Katz.

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Source: NoFilmSchool