May 18, 2019

Cars are Characters: Why Vehicles Need Personality

The details within your characters’ lives are indicative of who they are, especially their cars. So, why don’t your vehicles have a personality?

I don’t think there’s a more unifying symbol of badassery than the batmobile racing through Gotham’s streets. That car was slick. It was cool. It told you everything you needed to know about Batman. He was resourceful, technical, and had gadgets to get him out of any predicament. Batman’s car was a character unto itself.

But what about the opposite feeling?

Walter White’s Pontiac Aztec screamed lower middle class. It was one of the worst production cars of all time. It shows a family in economic despair and was as pitiful as the character.

If you haven’t guessed, today we’re going to talk about characters, their cars, and why you should imbue vehicles with traits of their own to accentuate the story you want to tell.

So, start your engines and let’s go.

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Source: NoFilmSchool