May 17, 2019

An Agency Cracks and Sides with the Writers

The Verve Agency decided to break ranks and sign the Writers’ Code of Conduct. What does that mean for the industry?

After months of agents and writers trying to make a deal, the two sides parted ways in late April. Members of the WGA left their representation and foraged into a brave new world where they relied on networking to get jobs…and…it was a lot like the old world?

Writers came together through hashtags like #WGAStaffingBoost and #WGASpecList to create their own staffing season. The WGA launched several website features where writers could upload their pilots or specs for showrunners and producers could access them. This has been going fairly well with many writers reporting getting more meetings and opportunities.

This time, without conflicts of interest.

While this is wonderful for writers and the WGA, it left agents wondering what to do.

Well, this week, the Verve Agency, which only represents writers and directors, signed the WGA’s code of conduct and rejoined the good graces of the WGA. After Verve signed the Code of Conduct, the ATA released this statement:

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Source: NoFilmSchool