May 10, 2019

How to Act in a Mo-Cap Suit

Motion capture uses actors movements to create realistic computer-generated characters, but how does that affect actors?

When I hear motion capture, I think about actors prancing around in tights with ping-pong balls flailing around them. But, as many commenters have suggested, I am an idiot. What’s actually going on is a much more complex process where the movements and expressions of an actor are digitally transmitted to a computer that then attempts to model that stuff into a character that usually looks nothing like that human being. Sometimes it’s a monkey, sometimes it’s Thanos, sometimes it’s a much younger or older version of that human being.

But that’s, generally, what motion capture is and how it is used.

Considering the high-level VFX in Hollywood today, mo-cap is becoming a more and more popular way to bring realism to specific performances.

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Source: NoFilmSchool