May 10, 2019

5 Tips for Speeding Up Your Music Video Edit

When it comes to editing, less time/better quality is the goal. Here’s how to make it happen.

Editing music videos is crazy fun. You’re usually dealing with creative aesthetics, you get a chance to edit to music, which isn’t always common with narrative work, and you usually get to experiment and try new, creative techniques. Hell yeah!

However, editing is tedious and time-consuming, which makes the process not crazy fun. So, if you’re a music video editor and you want to learn a few ways to speed up your workflow so you can move on to your next crazy fun project, check out this video from Jakob Owens of The Buff Nerds.

Cut Performances First

Your music video’s principal photography is the musician(s) performances…so, you gotta cut those first. Why? Why can’t you lay down a bunch of sick b-roll first? Because, darlin’, your edit needs a framework, and b-roll ain’t gonna cut it. (Lulz, pun intended.)

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Source: NoFilmSchool