May 3, 2019

Timelapse+ Studio Gives You More Timelapse Tools Right Within Lightroom

Timelapse+ is best known for their hardware tools, but with their new Studio software, a whole world of power comes to timelapse processing right within Adobe Lightroom.

There’s nothing quite like a timelapse to enliven a transition sequence, a corporate video, or to build an entire piece around. However, while timelapse can often be complicated when shooting it (getting settings right in real-time, keeping the camera safe during long image captures, and going to exotic locations), it’s also complicated to post-process the large volume of high-res, often RAW, still images that are created.

Timelapse+ got a reputation for themselves with the VIEW intervalometer, which offers more precise control and preview on your camera so the raw material of your timelapse can be better captured. Now they are back with STUDIO, a post-processing plugin that should make it easier and less time consuming to post process your long duration images.

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Source: NoFilmSchool