May 3, 2019

How Well Does 'Watchmen' Hold Up 10 Years Later?

“Watchmen” was, at one point, the most famous graphic novel of all time. It took 30 years to make it to the big screen. Now, we look back on the film and look forward toward what’s to come.

Zach Snyder’s Watchmen came during a flurry of “gritty” comic book movies. It was the anti-hero film with dark themes, adult situations, and moral complexity. It asked a lot of the questions we had been pondering while watching the senseless violence that dominated many of the blockbusters of then and now.

But how does Watchmen feel now that we’re a viewing audience guided by the moral subjectivity of the Avengers? Watchmen is set in a parallel-1985, in which heroes existed before the U.S. government banned them. In the opening scene, one of the ex-superheroes is murdered, and a former member of his team decides he’s going to solve the crime.

Today we’ll look at how Watchmen holds up a decade after it debuted on the big screen. And we’ll look toward the next iteration of Watchmen gracing our small screens soon.

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Source: NoFilmSchool