April 14, 2019

Good Eats: What Food Choice Says About Movie Characters

We talk a lot about the traits that make a great character, but what about the meals?

There are lots of different ways to draw a character. Traits we add so the audience learns how to identify with them or picks up on how they’ll operate. One thing that goes utterly underutilized by screenwriters is food. We can learn a lot about a character given their relationship to food. You can use it as a motivator, like in Lord of the Flies, or to punctuate a love scene, like how George loves to eat during sex in Seinfeld.

Today I want to talk about how you can accentuate your characters and scenes by adding food to them. We’ll go over a few scenes that involve food and see how it can add humor, tension, texture, and make you hungry.

So let’s dig in!

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Source: NoFilmSchool