April 13, 2019

BREAKING: Writers Fire Agents After they Refuse to Sign Code of Conduct

After an extended deadline and negotiations, the WGA and ATA failed to come to a renewed agreement. so as of April 13th 2019, every agent that fails to sign the WGA code of conduct will be fired.

The WGA and the Association of Talent Agents have failed to reach an agreement on a new franchise agreement, setting the stage for unprecedented upheaval in the film and TV industry. Thousands of writers now are ordered by the guild to fire their agents, and in the coming days, expect both sides to carry out their threats to sue each other. So that’s kind of insane.

If you want to read a great breakdown of the conflict, check out IndieWire’s FAQ on the situation or our summary from then the conflict began. You can also familiarize yourself with the WGA’s complaints with this video they released:

Negotiations were ongoing, but each side stuck to their guns and couldn’t find common ground. So, with the future of Hollywood and Agents ready for a humungous shift, The WGA released a new batch of instructions for writers:

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Source: NoFilmSchool