March 1, 2019

Does Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Take Place In An Alternate Reality Where 9/11 Never Happened?

One astute comedian connects the dots to posit that Bradley Cooper knowingly created a 9/11-free alternate reality for his Lady Gaga starring hit ‘A Star is Born’.

OK, there are going to be some naysayers on this one, but technically speaking if you believe in even just one conspiracy theory (say the moon landing, the JFK assassination or that Little Caesars is actually feeding people DiGiorno’s frozen pizzas) then you are in fact a conspiracy theorist yourself. Which means you can never question the validity of any other conspiracy theory on the grounds of not having enough evidence or, you know, common sense.

So, with that established, we now present a new, terrifying conspiracy theory put forth by LA based comedian Cait Raft that posits that Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born takes place in an alternate universe where 9/11 never happened.

A Conspiracy Theory is Born

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Source: NoFilmSchool