February 15, 2019

Wooden Camera's New $399 Zip Box Pro is an Affordable and Functional Matte box

The new three-tray, lightweight and cost-effective matte box from Wooden Camera.

Matte boxes have always been a sticking point in any kit. They are usually so expensive that many people on a budget turn to using variable NDs and threaded filters instead. While variable NDs are handy and fast to use, the image quality is what suffers when you don’t use true 4.56 ND filters made by Tiffen or Schneider or other filter manufacturers.

It looks like Wooden Camera has finally solved this for filmmakers working with tight budgets, as the new Zip Box Pro improves upon their original Zip Box design to bring a lightweight, fully-featured 3-tray matte box to the market.

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Source: NoFilmSchool