February 9, 2019

How to Create Nasty Severed Limbs in After Effects

Need to blow off an arm, sever a finger, or decapitate a head for your film? This tutorial will show you how.

Bloody, gory, and disgusting special and visual effects aren’t just fun to include in your films, they’re also fun to create. If your project calls for some recently and viciously removed limbs and appendages, you might want to take a look at this tutorial from Film Riot.

In it, Ryan Connolly walks you through the somewhat complicated and time-consuming process of removing body parts for use in a movie, including special effects techniques like applying wax and fake blood to create a fake wound, as well as visual effects techniques like green screening, tracking movement, and using mattes in Adobe After Effects. Check it out below:

Both processes, creating a fake wound and doing all of the VFX work, is going to require some time, practice, and perhaps even a little bit of experience working in After Effects and Mocha, so this may not be the tutorial for those who are new to either. (Even then, give it a shot. Why not? I would…and have…and failed…miserably…but whatever…it was fun.)

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Source: NoFilmSchool