February 8, 2019

Jump-start Your Career with These Five Big Screenwriting Competitions

Screenwriting competitions can provide the jumping-off point for major writing and directing careers.

Maybe you’re like Evan Daugherty, and you just need the help of a competition like Script Pipeline. The competition took his winning script Snow White & the Huntsman to a manager, and the project was later sold to Universal for $3 million.

Sounds pretty good, right? Most know the benefits that screenwriting competitions can provide, but sometimes we writers just need a little bit of a kick in the pants and a reminder that big deadlines are looming. So, screenwriters, here are some major screenplay competitions with deadlines that are coming up quick!

1. Humanitas New Voices

Television writer Cathleen Young created New Voices in 2010 to provide grant money and mentorship to aspiring writers in the categories of half-hour pilot, hour-long pilot, and feature screenplay. Winners receive $7,500 and several months of development mentorship with partnered showrunners.

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