February 1, 2019

How To Write a TV Pilot: Free Drama Pilot Seminar (Week Three)

You’re halfway through. Surprise us. Show us why we should finish reading.

Welcome to week three of the Free Drama Pilot Writing Seminar. It’s time to get to the middle of your drama pilot and give people a twist or a turning point.

This is the time the character you thought was guilty has an alibi, a wrinkle is exposed in the plot, or there’s a big reveal.

If you’re just joining us, go back to week one, go back to week one and write until you catch up.

If you’re in the right place, then stick with me. Things are about to get a little hairy.

But first…

How to Write A TV Pilot (Drama) Mission Statement

Over the next six weeks, we’re going to break down the TV drama pilot. Your commitment is to yourself and your story. I’m asking you to write ten pages a week. If you fall behind, take your time. If you want to work ahead, go for it. The whole point of this class is to just offer free information to writers.

We did a similar Free Screenwriting Seminar for features that worked out well.

I’m excited to have you join us every week for this journey.

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