January 26, 2019

This Short about a Cross-Dressing Bank Robber Was Shot in 4 Days

Oh, and did we mention it stars Missi Pyle?

This kinetic film by Pete Lee was shot in a blur over four days, which isn’t impossible, but gets much harder when it involves 15 pages of a work-in-progress script and a low budget. Lee, who you might remember meeting in our popular Sundance short film podcast last year, was on a mission to make this film before his circle of Bay Area film friends dissolved. He called in all kinds of favors to make up for the low, low budget, and it was his first shoot in LA. (Actually, he tells No Film School that it technically was his second. “My first being a weird music video I made with Boots and Patton that was just Margaux and me and an intern and a leopard print couch.”)

Don’t Be A Hero is an electric ride that combines dolly shots with neon lights and a talented Missi Pyle (Gone Girl, Galaxy Quest) in fake mustaches. (Of course, she’s not unfamiliar with prosthetics.) Check it out, and get the scoop on how Lee pulled it off in our interview below.

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Source: NoFilmSchool