January 18, 2019

How to Copyright Your Screenplay to Protect Your Ideas

How can you protect your great screenplay or story idea before sending it out into the world? Copyright your script!

We’ve all been there. Finished a great script and excited to take it out to show everyone what we’ve done. It’s got plot twists, turns, and you know it’s going to sell. Maybe you spent the last few weeks working in our Free Screenwriting Seminar and are extremely proud of your work.

But you also have to be protective. If ideas are bought and sold in Hollywood, then you need to make sure you get credit for your great ideas and hard work.

That means before you send your script out to production companies, prospective agents, and contests, you should copyright your screenplay.

What Is A Copyright?

A copyright is a legal document that protects your proprietary ideas, like screenplays, from being plagiarised or stolen.

But here’s the catch: you cannot copyright an idea.

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Source: NoFilmSchool