January 12, 2019

B-Roll 101: How to Shoot It and Why It's Important

Want to take your work to the next level? Then shoot good b-roll.

We all know that principal photography is important—I mean, it’s essentially the main conduit through which you tell your story. However, b-roll is just as important, and yet, it’s often criminally overlooked by many new filmmakers.

In this video, filmmaker Jakob Owens from The Buff Nerds breaks down the basics of capturing b-roll, including knowing what to shoot, how to shoot it, and how you can use it to give depth and dimension to both your principal photography and visual storytelling. Check it out below:

Why is B-Roll Important?

I love steak—like a lot—so I’m gonna use a steak analogy.

If principal photography is a melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon, b-roll is the salt, pepper, and garlic butter you use to make that little slab of heaven juicier and more succulent. You use b-roll not only to add depth and dimension to your principal photography but to also inform your story and give yourself more wiggle room and flexibility when you head into post-production.

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Source: NoFilmSchool