January 4, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson's New Rule: Don't Say You Hate a Movie

The accomplished filmmaker gave some special advice to John Krasinski.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since PTA broke onto the scene with San Fernando Valley Porn Industry epic Boogie Nights. Since then he’s released many artistically driven movies, often nominated for and winning major awards. As the industry has shifted away from the indie-scene of the 1990’s, PTA’s voice has endured.

According to Indiewire, he gave some advice to John Krasinski, director of last years breakout A Quiet Place, about how artful movies such as his survive or won’t.

Krasinski said that he was talking to Anderson about a movie he’d seen recently and said: “It’s not a good movie.”

Krasinski went on, “He [PTA] so sweetly took me aside and said very quietly, ‘Don’t say that. Don’t say that it’s not a good movie. If it wasn’t for you, that’s fine, but in our business, we’ve all got to support each other… You’ve got to support the big swing. If you put it out there that the movie’s not good, they won’t let us make more movies like that.”

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Source: NoFilmSchool