December 23, 2018

3 Problems My Parents Had with ‘Roma’

Not even Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Roma’ is immune of one’s parents’ poignant criticisms.

For the record, I loved Roma. It’s hands down one of the best films of the year – a heartfelt love-letter by Alfonso Cuarón to the neighborhood he grew up in and the family he still honors. Its cinematography (which you can read about here in a discussion between Cuarón and his longtime friend and collaborator Emmanuel Lubezki) is beautiful and features some of the most powerful sequences of the year.

In fact, here are our No Film School selections for scenes of the year.

However, for every filmmaker and film-fan home for the holidays, it appears that not even Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma is safe from the criticism of parents. While I will caveat that I love my parents and grant them the right to their opinions (some of which more founded than others), I will say that if anything, Roma is a great film to spark a lively filmmaking discussion with loved ones over the holidays.

The Slow-Paced Opening

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Source: NoFilmSchool