December 21, 2018

The Most Unforgettable Scenes of 2018

The moments that made us stand up and cheer and simultaneously lose our minds.

What makes a great scene?

Must it stand on its own and complement the rest of the film it’s featured in? Must it throw the film for a loop, altering the plot and changing our view of what has come before and what will come after? Must it be its own singular creation, isolated from the rest of the film to produce its own unique magic? Thankfully, it’s all debatable.

Below, the No Film School team had the difficult but enjoyable task of choosing their favorite individual scenes of the year. Each are plot-changing and story-altering, arriving at a point in the film where expectations are morphed and grow deeper. Some are horrifying and involve death, others involve the release of immense pain, and each has stayed fresh in our minds, lingering there long enough to be deemed worthy of this list.

These are our favorite scenes from motion pictures released in 2018.

Burning — Dance scene

Director: Lee Chang-dong

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Source: NoFilmSchool