December 7, 2018

Get More Accurate Drone Shots with the XRite XL

Match drone footage and ground footage can often be a tricky wicket, X-Rite hopes to help filmmakers overcome with the oversized XL color chart.

The traditional color chart is an invaluable tool on film sets (if you’ve never used one before, here’s how). If you want to match multiple cameras together it’s essential to have a known reference image you can look to in post, and a color chart is the standard tool. As post software gets more sophisticated, it’s possible for grading applications like Da Vinci Resolve to automatically give a neutral balance to footage based on the chart.

X-Rite is one of the leaders in this market, and their color checker video is fully supported by Resolve for automatic balancing (btw – here are our favorite things about Resolve 15). The only problem is that sometimes it’s too small. Of course, it’s great that they make both a normal sized option and a pocket sized to keep with you, but until recently they just didn’t have a jumbo reference. Now they’ve launched the XL, filling in the rest of their line.

The X-Rite ColorChecker XL

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Source: NoFilmSchool