December 5, 2018

SXSW Alumni Film Releases – December 2018

Discover some of the SXSW Film Festival alumni films and shows on release this month, such as Blood Fest, Getting Over, and Meow Wolf: Origin Story. Continue on for a complete list with trailers and more info.

Agua Viva   

Animated Short, 2018

Expressively animated and touchingly rendered, this poetic film from Miami’s Borscht stable won the Animated Shorts Grand Jury Prize at SXSW 2018 and is finally available online.

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Blood Fest

World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2018

Owen Egerton’s debut feature is a knowingly lurid, Grand Guignol trip through a night in slasher hell. It earns its horror stripes in a gleefully gruesome style.

On Demand December 29

Getting Over   

Documentary Feature, World Premiere, 2018

Jason Charnick’s deeply personal, beautifully assembled film is a journey into family, unearthing secrets, revelations, and raising questions of past, present, and future.

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Narrative Feature, World Premiere, 2018

A striking debut, and winner of the Narrative Feature Special Jury Award for Screenwriting at SXSW 2018, Jinn introduces an exciting new filmmaker in Nijla Mu’min.

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Narrative Feature, North American Premiere, 2018

This sensual, visually extraordinary feature from Lebanon offers a deeply felt meditation on grief and loss, realized with great poetry and sensitivity.

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Meow Wolf: Origin Story   

Documentary Feature, World Premiere, 2018

An inside portrait of the mysterious, wildly inventive art collective Meow Wolf, from it’s humble inception to it’s current role as cultural phenomenon.

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People’s Republic of Desire   

Documentary Feature, World Premiere, 2018

Described as “a real-life Black Mirror story about two popular Chinese live streamers,” Hao Wu’s film is at once a cautionary tale and a fascinating insight into the explosion of digital culture in recent years.

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The Shivering Truth   

Animated Short, 2018

Ahead of a full series on Adult Swim, check out this nightmarishly twisted stop-motion short, ripe with oddity, grim humour and a taste of the macabre.

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Wren Boys

Narrative Short, 2018

This award-winning short thoughfully explores the dynamic between a priest and his nephew as he drives him to prison.

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