November 23, 2018

Free Screenwriting Seminar: Pages 21-30 (Week 3)

We’re at it again for week three!

We’re back again with the Free Screenwriting Seminar: Week Three. My goal is to help you write a feature-length screenplay in 10 weeks. That’s about 1.42 pages a day. Can you handle that?

I bet you can.

This week we’re going to talk more about setting up the world, the protagonists, and how pages 20-30 in your script will make a promise to the audience.

Let’s get going!

The Free Screenwriting Seminar Mission Statement

Most people access No Film School because they want to get information about cameras, gear, and storytelling. We’re aware that the luxury of attending film school is not available to most of the world, so we do our best to keep you all up to date on what’s out there and how you can shoot and create to your utmost potential.

What’s at the root of all filmmaking?


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