November 17, 2018

John Williams Composed the Score for Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Parks — Listen

John Williams may be finished with “Star Wars” after next year’s untitled “Episode IX,” but he’s not done yet. Entertainment Weekly reports that the legendary composer, who’s brought his musical stylings to the space-opera franchise for more than 40 years, is providing an original score for the “Star Wars”–themed land known as Galaxy’s Edge, which will open at Disney’s theme parks in 2019. Listen to a preview below.

Here’s what EW has to say about the upcoming attraction: “The village, known as Black Spire, is a remote trading outpost tucked amid the rocky spikes of an ancient petrified forest. The town serves as a Casablanca-like nexus between the forces of good, evil, and in between as they clash over control of the galaxy.” The new section of the park will include two main rides, “Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run” and “Rise of the Resistance,” which simulates a space battle and is set on a First Order spacecraft.

The new offering is very much in keeping with Williams’ previous contributions to the series, which have made their way into all eight main films as well as this year’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story” spinoff; he composed the theme song for that underperforming movie, while John Powell composed the main score. Michael Giacchino handled the music for “Rogue One.”

Williams has won five Academy Awards, including one for the original “Star Wars,” and been nominated for 51 more; the only person to receive more nods is Walt Disney. His score for the original “Star Wars” was named the greatest American film score of all time by the American Film Institute in 2005 and has been preserved by the Library of Congress.

Source: IndieWire film