November 16, 2018

20 Proven Ways To Impress A Script Reader With Your Writing

The script reader is the first major hurdle before getting your script read by decision makers. Here is how you can clear it.

Script readers are the gatekeepers of producers, studio executives, financiers, directors and actors. If you want to get your screenplay into the hands of the influential people in the entertainment industry, you first have to impress a script reader.

I can tell you how because I am a professional script reader!

You might think that readers are cynical people who are looking to keep you out, but we’re not!

We LOVE great scripts.

It’s easy to get through a compelling story quickly, and we’d all like to be the one to discover the next hit movie. However, script readers also get tired of seeing the same ideas over and over again.

So here are 20 ways you can impress us with your own screenwriting:

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Source: NoFilmSchool