November 7, 2018

SXSW Alumni Film Releases – November 2018

Discover some of the SXSW Film Festival alumni films and shows on release this month, such as Alt-Right: Age of Rage, Getting Over, and Weed the People. Continue on for a complete list with trailers and more info.

Alt-Right: Age Of Rage    

Documentary Feature, World Premiere, 2018

Urgent, incendiary insight into a disturbing political movement, centered around the tragic events in Charlottesville, VA.

Now on Demand

Anchor and Hope   

Narrative Feature, North American Premiere, 2018

Carlos Marques-Marcet (10,000km) returns with another tender, incisive study of modern relationships, this time in the scenic environs of London’s canals.

In Theaters November 16

Chef Flynn   

Documentary Feature, 2018

A culinary prodigy gets the documentary treatment, from supper club to international phenomenon.

In Theaters November 9

Daughters of the Sexual Revolution: The Untold Story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Narrative Feature, World Premiere, 2018

The true story of Suzanne Mitchell, the “Godmother of modern cheerleading,” who led a pop culture phenomenon at the height of the sexual revolution to become a controversial global icon.

On Demand November 2
In Theaters November 2

Getting Over   

Documentary Feature, World Premiere, 2018

Jason Charnick’s deeply personal, beautifully assembled film is a journey into family, unearthing secrets, revelations, and raising questions of past, present, and future.

On Demand November 27
On DVD/Blu-ray November 27

The Grief of Others   

Narrative Feature, World Premiere, 2015

A thrillingly cinematic meditation on bereavement and family, delivered with delicacy and poise from visionary director Patrick Wang.

In Theaters November 2


Narrative Feature, World Premiere, 2018

A striking debut, and winner of the Narrative Feature Special Jury Award for Screenwriting at SXSW 2018, Jinn introduces an exciting new filmmaker in Nijla Mu’min.

In Theaters November 15

Narcissister Organ Player   

Documentary Feature, 2018

A true original, Narcissister‘s debut documentary is as provocative and inventive as her infamous stage performances and happenings.

In Theaters November 7

The New Romantic   

Narrative Feature, World Premiere, 2018

A frustrated college senior takes her financial future into her own hands and decides to become a “sugar baby.”

In Theaters November 9

Number 37   

Narrative Feature, World Premiere, 2018

A gripping, South African riff on Rear Window and a stunningly audacious debut from newcomer Nosipho Dumisa.

In Theaters November 2

People’s Republic of Desire   

Documentary Feature, World Premiere, 2018

Described as “a real-life Black Mirror story about two popular Chinese live streamers,” Hao Wu’s film is at once a cautionary tale and a fascinating insight into the explosion of digital culture in recent years.

In Theaters November 30


Narrative Feature, World Premiere, 2018

A new kind of science fiction film, Prospect has style and mystique to spare, and won the Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Award at SXSW 2018.

In Theaters November 2

Weed the People   

Documentary Feature, World Premiere, 2018

A group of intrepid, determined parents fly under the radar of the medical establishment to explore how cannabis oil can be used in the treatment of their children’s cancer, with startling results.

Now In Theaters

The World Before Your Feet   

Documentary Feature, World Premiere, 2018

Jeremy Workman’s charming film lets us see the world through the eyes and feet of Matt Green, a man who has spent 6 years walking every street in NYC.

In Theaters November 21

Write When You Get Work   

Narrative Feature, World Premiere, 2018

A different kind of romantic comedy, set in the insular world of an exclusive girls school. A welcome return from acclaimed director Stacy Cochran.

In Theaters November 23

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