November 2, 2018

Watch: Everything You Need to Know About the History of Female Editors in Six Minutes

The future (and past) is female.

[Editor’s Note: This video essay is part of our “Everything You Need to Know” series created exclusively for No Film School by Senior Post. To revisit other entries in the series, click here and here.]

While it might be hard to believe, the history of film editing was, once upon a time, a little less exclusive and sexist than other professions in the film industry. In the early 20th century, women helped to splice and tape film reels, as the tedious task resembled, in some higher-ups’ thinking, the act of sewing.

It was there that women were able to experiment with the form, discovering, for instance, the power and tension-building ambiance of a close-up. For an early example of this, we highly recommend the work of editor Margaret Booth.

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Source: NoFilmSchool