November 2, 2018

'Alt-Right: Age of Rage' Filmmaker on Documenting the Alt-Right: 'Develop Thick Skin'

What do some liberal film critics and alt-right trolls have in common? They don’t like Adam Bhala Lough’s latest film.

When Adam Bhala Lough, a filmmaker of color and the son of immigrants, started noticing a momentum of people purporting an American ethnostate, he decided he needed to roll the camera. “You need to understand what these guys are saying, especially if you have any type of interest in combating it,” Bhala Lough told No Film School. But covering the ideas of the alt-right is not an easy sell.

Alt-Right: Age of Rage, which is out this week, opens with a scene from from a pro-Nazi conference in pre-war United States. It then shifts to another where a car rampages down a street and into a crowd of people. Following players behind both the alt-right and Antifa, the films leads up to the tragedy of Charlottesville.

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Source: NoFilmSchool