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November 30, 2018

The Daily Chord Weekly Recap – Friday, November 30

SXSW 2019 Daily Chord

Apply SXSW’s Daily Chord filter on your music news intake – subscribe to our newsletter to survey the headlines of the day, and click through for the stories. This week we continued to look at the music business dispute with YouTube over proposed EU legislation Article 13, noted the rise of TikTok, and kept an eye on the ticket-reselling issue. Coming up in December – the best end-of-year lists and more.

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November 30, 2018

A delightful insight on Intuit design team workflow – InVision Design Genome Project

A delightful insight on Intuit design team workflow – InVision Design Genome Project

Our friends from InVision recently released the latest from their Design Genome Project Report in collaboration with Intuit: Designs for delight. A perspicacity on how the teams from Intuit work together to empower their customers through storytelling with insights that would shape strategy, action and things you would do for your consumers. They initiated a process that would generally start from these insights (discover the “why”) and with the help of InVision tools. They were able to go further and broadly into their experiments through reviews, refinements, iterations, implementation, and everything-in-one-place.

I had the privilege and the honor to meet Stephen Gates, InVision’s Head of Design Transformation and Lionel Mohri, VP of Design Innovation Practices at Intuit for a little sit-down and asked them a few questions. For the interview, I will highlight some of the things we have talked about. But first I would like to thank both Stephen and Lionel for their time even with a busy schedule.

If you can create clarity through storytelling, it shapes strategy, action, and what you do for your customers. Because it’s connected to research, it’s believable and connected to what our employees are telling every day. – VP of Innovation Practices at QuickBooks Online Lionel Mohri

A delightful insight on Intuit design team workflow - InVision Design Genome ProjectIntuit: Designs for Delight

Intuit, makers of QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint, is a financial software company that powers prosperity for consumers, small businesses and the self-employed. The HQ is based Mountain View, California, Intuit was founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx and now employs 9,000 people worldwide through 19 locations in 9 countries.

After speaking with Stephen Gates, what struck me the most was I assumed that InVision started the initiative by attracting clients like Intuit into their functional Ecosystem; in order to change things within the organization. That is not what it actually happened. Intuit already had in place a vision and the iterating list of improvements to undertake. They just needed the right tool and InVision was their choice. InVision has proven to the industry and still does that a company can be a fully distributed company with employees in more than 20 countries around the world. Together, they were (and still!) on a mission to help make every digital experience magically better.

InVision would introduce a process technique called: “Design Thinking”, whatever is your opinion on the subject. It’s first of all, it’s designed to NOT to be perfect. It’s designed for teams to work smarter without putting too much effort. Let me elaborate, we all understand the “how”, “what” and “why” but what if we don’t. “Design Thinking” would provide an iterating process to basically understand your users better.

Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

That being said, I have personally experienced a work environment where even though we would understand these design process stages. Things wouldn’t go near as smoothly, why? Large enterprises need to understand the importance of having a centralized design team and designers CAN reposition themselves through different structures of the organization or working in a temporary cross-functional team.

For me, the biggest benefit of storytelling is what takes you from thought to action. Ideas and insights are great, but how do you create enough of a connective tissue through execution so intent stays in tact

During our call, Lionel mentioned something that really sojourned with me and I would fancy sharing: “Be an advocate to your customers/users, create an excellence for craft and bring collaboration across all teams”. I completely resonate with this mindset because at the end of the day, we all work hard for the same company. It’s far from being a self-reliant act, let’s structure our teams end to end this time.

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Nov 30, 2018

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November 29, 2018

Microsoft’s $480M contract with U.S. military will equip soldiers with Hololens

Microsoft recently won a $480 million contract to equip American soldiers with up to 100,000 of its augmented reality Hololens headsets. Here’s what we know so far about the new deal.

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November 29, 2018

Pastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways Illustrations

Pastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways Illustrations

We are featuring the illustrations from Denise aka surudenise, they are filled with pastel colours, Japan, cats and alleyways. What else do you want? These are packed with beautiful and vibrant colors! I especially like her two illustrations referring to Kyoto Cats Day/Night, almost have that Anime feels. You should definitely give her a follow on Instagram where she incorporates the same feels in terms of color palette. Also these illustrations are also available for sale on her Society6. We are looking forward to see more of her work in the near future.

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Digital Art & Illustration

Pastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways IllustrationsPastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways IllustrationsPastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways IllustrationsPastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways IllustrationsPastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways Illustrations

Nov 29, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Illustration

November 29, 2018

Patrick Brice, Kevin McManus & Joel Potrykus – SXSW Film Festival Alumni Stories

At SXSW 2018 we celebrated the 25th Edition of the SXSW Film Festival and had the pleasure of sharing stories, memories, and reflections from our distinguished alumni. We had a blast telling these tales and want to keep the party going! Today we spotlight Patrick Brice, Kevin McManus, and Joel Potrykus.

Patrick Brice

Brice world premiered his first feature film Creep at SXSW 2014. In addition to directing, he acted and co-wrote the film with fellow alum Mark Duplass. In 2015, the festival screened his next feature The Overnight. Recently, he made the sequel to Creep, titled Creep 2, and directed two episodes of the Duplass Brothers hit show Room 104. Brice’s third feature Corporate Animals is set to come out next year.

“SXSW changed my life by being the perfect place to premiere my first feature and essentially launch my career. The audiences at the festival are like no other. Incredibly eager and excited for films that might feel out of place otherwise. I’m beyond grateful to have had the experience of screening my movies there and can’t wait to do it again.”

Kevin McManus

SXSW world premiered McManus’s film Funeral Kings in 2012. His latest work includes the Netflix original series American Vandal, where he served as a writer and producer. McManus was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2018 for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special for the series along with his brother Matthew.

“It sounds hyperbolic, but SXSW really changed our lives. We’ll never forget the feeling of receiving the acceptance email. We must have read it three or four times before we believed it was actually happening. It was such a surreal experience.

Our whole team was so dead broke, we drove two days just to attend the festival, and then packed eight guys in a single hotel room. Despite all that, it will always go down as one of the best weeks of our lives.

It was the jumping off point of our careers. We met an incredible film community, got representation, and found a small distributor to get our film some more exposure. We’ll always be so grateful for the SXSW community, and to those who really championed our little film.”

Joel Potrykus

Potrykus has world premiered three films at SXSW which all screened in the Visions category: Buzzard (2014), The Alchemist Cookbook (2016), and most recently Relaxer (2018). In addition to writing and directing these films, Potrykus also edited these features.

“Our first day at SXSW with Buzzard, as Josh Burge and I waited to board the bus to Troublemaker Studios, I spotted two familiar faces. ‘It’s Sophia Takal from VHS! And she’s with Lawrence Levine also from VHS! And they’re getting on our bus!’ It was my introduction to the coolest festival on the planet. By the end of the festival it was Sophia and Larry, my friends. And that’s how it goes. After three world premieres, SXSW has come to be the birthplace for my films, and where I begin coming up with the next one with friends. I’ve met some of my favorite collaborators at the fest – Bryan Reisberg and Andrew Corkin, who helped produce The Alchemist Cookbook, and superstar David Dastmalchian who acts alongside Burge in Relaxer. Sometimes I wonder if I keep making movies just to get back to Austin.”

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November 28, 2018

Leland Melvin, Marley Dias, Timothy Shriver & More Announced for SXSW EDU

SXSW EDU Announced Featured Speakers Maria Konnikova, Marley Dias, Natalia Oberti Noguera, Leland Melvin, Ron Suskind, & Tim Shriver.

Education visionaries, industry leaders, and change-makers are spotlighted on the featured session stage throughout SXSW EDU, March 4-7, 2019. Today SXSW EDU announced a diverse group of thought leaders championing important issues such as student empowerment, entrepreneurship, inclusion, and STEAM. Additionally, SXSW EDU has released the first wave of mentors for the event and more than 40 additional sessions selected for the program from PanelPicker®, the official SXSW user-generated session proposal platform.

Announced Featured Speakers include NASA astronaut Leland Melvin; youth activist and author Marley Dias; Special Olympics’ Chairman Timothy Shriver; author and professional poker player Maria Konnikova; author and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ron Suskind; Pipeline Angels Founder and CEO Natalia Oberti Noguera; author and March for Our Lives Co-Founder David Hogg; leader in philanthropic investing Michele Sullivan from the Caterpillar Foundation; and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt President and CEO Jack Lynch.

The program for SXSW EDU also grew today with nearly a hundred new sessions revealed – including initial mentors and additional PanelPicker selections. The mentor program encourages purpose-driven connections between experienced professionals and solution-seeking attendees. Announced mentors range from classroom teachers and professors to industry insiders and CEOs. All sessions, including mentors, are organized at SXSW EDU by programming tracks.


Check out the SXSW EDU schedule to learn more about the speakers and sessions programmed for March 4-7, 2019.

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SXSW EDU 2019 Featured Speakers (t-b, l-r) Maria Konnikova, Marley Dias, Natalia Oberti Noguera, Leland Melvin, Ron Suskind, & Tim Shriver.

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November 28, 2018

240+ Showcasing Artists Including Deerhunter, Mr. Eazi, Nadine Shah and More for SXSW 2019

We’ve got great news to share! Today we’ve added 240+ Showcasing Artists to perform the 2019 SXSW Music Festival, March 11-17, 2019. If you haven’t already read last month’s announcement, check it out! It’s full of great artists who will be performing in March.

Today’s Showcasing Artist additions include 4AD’s experimental indie-rockers Deerhunter, Nigerian afrobeats star Mr. Eazi, 2018 Mercury Prize nominees Nadine Shah and Novelist, and buzzy Mexican rap group AQUIHAYAQUIHAY. Also joining the list are Chicago R&B duo DRAMA, Berlin-based garage pop duo Gurr, Northern Irish singer-songwriter Jealous of the Birds, and UK-based space funk act The Comet is Coming.

This fall we announced a Keynote Conversation between Shirley Manson (Garbage) and Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES), Featured Speakers Amanda Palmer and Ross Golan, and 600+ Conference sessions. Yesterday we announced our latest round of Keynotes and Featured Speakers including Music Tracks Featured Speakers Lance Bass (*NSYNC), Laura Jane Grace, SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor, and Chris Lee, Head of A&R at K-pop behemoth SM Entertainment.

Discover Showcasing Artists

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  • Follow the official SXSW 2019 Music Festival playlist on Apple Music and Spotify
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2019 SXSW Showcasing Artists

Everything subject to change.

Acid Tongue (Seattle WA)
A Deer A Horse (Brooklyn NY)
Adekunle Gold (Lagos NIGERIA)
AfrotroniX (Montreal QC)
Agrupación Cariño (Mexico City MEXICO)
Algobabez (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Alternate Sound (Lagos NIGERIA)
American Werewolf Academy (Dallas TX)
Amor Elefante (Banfield ARGENTINA)
Anatii (Bisho SOUTH AFRICA)
Angelica Garcia (Richmond VA)
Aries (Vigo SPAIN)
Avalanche Party (Castleton UK-ENGLAND)
BABii (Margate UK-ENGLAND)
Barbara Nesbitt (Austin TX)
Belisha Beacon (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Bellows (Brooklyn NY)
Black Midi (London UK-ENGLAND)
Boom Boom Kid (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Boraj (Santiago CHILE)
The Bright Light Social Hour (Austin TX)
The Brummies (Nashville TN)
Buck Gooter (Harrisonburg VA)
Caitlyn Smith (Cannon Falls MN)
Cassper Nyovest (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
Catnapp (Berlin GERMANY)
Chastity (Whitby CANADA)
City of the Sun (Brooklyn NY)
The Colors (Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA)
Combo Chimbita (Brooklyn NY)
The Comet is Coming (London UK-ENGLAND)
Construction & Destruction (Port Greville CANADA)
Cumulus (Seattle WA)
The Curls (Chicago IL)
Current Affairs (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Curse Of Lono (London UK-ENGLAND)
Daniel Brandt (Berlin GERMANY)
Darling West (Oslo NORWAY)
Das Body (Oslo NORWAY)
Dead Soft (Vancouver CANADA)
Death By Unga Bunga (Moss NORWAY)
Deerhunter (Atlanta GA)
Deezie Brown (Austin TX)
Delaporte (Madrid SPAIN)
Denise le Menice (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Devon Church (New York NY)
The Dirty Nil (Dundas ON)
Dj Kess (Sekondi Takoradi GHANA)
DJ Rosegold (Toronto CANADA)
Doe (London UK-ENGLAND)
Doeman (Houston TX)
DRAMA (Chicago IL)
Dramatic Lovers (Milwaukee WI)
Dream Catchers Dance Academy (Ikorodu NIGERIA)
Dual Core (Austin TX)
Dylan Cartlidge (Redcar UK-ENGLAND)
E.L (Accra GHANA)
EggPlantEgg (Taiwan TAIWAN)
Ehsan Matoori (Dallas TX)
Elder Island (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Elephant Gym (Taiwan TAIWAN)
El Gallo (Santiago CHILE)
Emerson Snowe (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
FADE (Grand Rapids MI)
Falz The bahdguy (Lagos NIGERIA)
Farao (Oslo NORWAY)
Fatherson (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
field trip (Los Angeles CA)
Flint Eastwood (Detroit MI)
Flower (New York NY)
Foie Gras (San Francisco CA)
Frijo (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Fuglar (Santiago CHILE)
Gallops (Wrexham UK-WALES)
Goodbye Honolulu (Toronto CANADA)
Graham Van Pelt (Toronto CANADA)
Grandchildren (Philadelphia PA)
Grivo (Austin TX)
Grupo Rebolu (Whitestone NY)
Gurr (Berlin GERMANY)
Haiku Hands (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Hard Proof (Austin TX)
Harry Edohoukwa (Dallas TX)
Honey Lung (London UK-ENGLAND)
I Know Leopard (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
I Mean Us (Taiwan TAIWAN)
Indianola (Nashville TN)
In Mirrors (Vancouver CANADA)
Irene Ntale (Kampala UGANDA)
Ivan Dorn (Kiev UKRAINE)
JayDaYoungan (Bogalusa LA)
Jealous of the Birds (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Jerry Paper (Los Angeles CA)
JM Stevens (Austin TX)
Joel Eel (Toronto CANADA)
Jona Camacho (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Jonathan Bree (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Jordan Moser (Austin TX)
Jo Schornikow (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Joshua Burnside (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Juan Celofán (Santiago CHILE)
Julie Odell (New Orleans LA)
Kagwe Mungai (Nairobi KENYA)
Kapil Seshasayee (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Katy Kirby (Spicewood TX)
Laura Misch (London UK-ENGLAND)
Lazy Day (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Lemons (Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA)
LEX the Lexicon Artist (Taipei TAIWAN)
Liily (Los Angeles CA)
Living Hour (Winnipeg CANADA)
Lizzie and The Makers (New York NY)
Lord Esperanza (Paris FRANCE)
Los Nastys (Madrid SPAIN)
Lucy Spraggan (Buxton UK-ENGLAND)
Mabiland (Medellin COLOMBIA)
Magic Potion (Stockholm SWEDEN)
The Mammoths (Austin TX)
Marta Pereira Da Costa (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
Michael Olivera Group (Madrid SPAIN)
Million Miles (London UK-ENGLAND)
Missions (Los Angeles CA)
Moonwalks (Detroit MI)
Mr.Kitty (Austin TX)
Mr Eazi (Lagos NIGERIA)
The Muffinz (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
Murray A. Lightburn (Montreal CANADA)
My Skin Against Your Skin (Taipei TAIWAN)
Nadine Shah (South Shields UK-ENGLAND)
Nancy (London UK-ENGLAND)
Natalia Norte (Iquique CHILE)
Native Sun (New York NY)
Natos Y Waor (Madrid SPAIN)
Novelist (London UK-ENGLAND)
NO WIN (Los Angeles CA)
Oddó (Santiago CHILE)
Odette (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Orions Belte (Bergen NORWAY)
Oscar Jerome (London UK-ENGLAND)
OTB Fastlane (Houston TX)
The Other End (Bergen NORWAY)
The Pearl Harts (London UK-ENGLAND)
Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers (Austin TX)
Pip Hall (Preston UK-ENGLAND)
Pleasure Jams (Brooklyn NY)
Powers Pleasant (Brooklyn NY)
Prism Bitch (Albuquerque NM)
Profligate (Los Angeles CA)
Public Practice (New York NY)
The Qualitons (Budapest HUNGARY)
Rascalton (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Rattletree (Austin TX)
Recycled J (Madrid SPAIN)
Regallily (Tokyo JAPAN)
Renick Bell (Tokyo JAPAN)
Rev Rev Rev (Modena ITALY)
Rose Droll (San Francisco CA)
Royal Canoe (Winnipeg CANADA)
Sad Cops (Denton TX)
Salma Sky (Lusaka ZAMBIA)
Sam DeRosa (Poughkeepsie NY)
Sam Eagle (Colchester UK-ENGLAND)
Sam Fender (Newcastle Upon Tyne UK-ENGLAND)
Schaffer the Darklord (New York NY)
Scott Yoder (Seattle WA)
Sebastian Romero (Mexico City MEXICO)
Seyi Shay (Lagos NIGERIA)
ShitKid (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Shy Boys (Kansas City MO)
The Sick Things (Montreal CANADA)
Single Lash (Austin TX)
Sloppy Jane (Brooklyn NY)
Smokey Brights (Seattle WA)
smut (Cincinnati OH)
The Snuts (Bathgate UK-SCOTLAND)
Soft as Snow (Oslo NORWAY)
Soft Kill (Portland OR)
Soge Culebra (Murcia SPAIN)
Sophie Auster (New York NY)
Sports Team (Harlesden UK-ENGLAND)
Squid (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Stanley Enow (Cameroon CAMEROON)
Stealing Sheep (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Stokoff (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Sudakistan (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Sulfur (Charlotte NC)
Sun June (Austin TX)
Superbody (Chattanooga TN)
Suzan Köcher (Solingen GERMANY)
Table Scraps (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Taco Mouth (Nashville TN)
Tais Alvarenga (Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL)
Tallies (Toronto CANADA)
Talos (Cork IRELAND)
Tameca Jones (Austin TX)
Tasha (Chicago IL)
Taylor Janzen (Winnipeg CANADA)
TEEN (Brooklyn NY)
Tennis System (Los Angeles CA)
Termination Dust (Anchorage AK)
the perfect me (Fukuoka JAPAN)
DJ Sose (Lagos NIGERIA)
Thyla (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Tobi Lou (Chicago IL)
TOMKAT (Denton TX)
T-Rextasy (New York NY)
Tribal (Johannesurg SOUTH AFRICA)
Trupa Trupa (Gdansk POLAND)
Tyler Ramsey (Asheville NC)
Urban Hype (Lusaka ZAMBIA)
Vaarwell (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
Vacations (Newcastle AUSTRALIA)
Vandoliers (Dallas TX)
Verneri Pohjola with Tuomo & Markus (Helsinki FINLAND)
Versus (New York NY)
Victoria Kimani (Nairobi KENYA)
Waco Brothers (Chicago IL)
Wet Dreams (Oslo NORWAY)
whenyoung (Limerick IRELAND)
Whitney Ballen (Seattle WA)
William Elliott Whitmore (Lee County IA)
Wolf & Moon (Berlin GERMANY)
XIXA (Tucson AZ)
Yawners (Madrid SPAIN)
The Yawpers (Denver CO)
Yemi Alade (Nigeria NIGERIA)
The Young Something (Tampa FL)
Y O Y (Finale Emilia ITALY)
Yung Baby Tate (Atlanta GA)
The Zephyr Bones (Barcelona SPAIN)
Zona Tango (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)

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Everything subject to change.

Photo credits, clockwise from top left:
Combo Chimbita – Photo courtesy of the artist
whenyoung – Photo by Olivia Richardson
Novelist – Photo courtesy of the artist
Deerhunter – Photo courtesy of the Artist
Odette – Photo by Metaxia Coustas
Gurr – Photo by Rowan Allen

(Teaser photo) Suzan Köcher – Photo by Jens Vetter

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November 27, 2018

Keynote Jessica Brillhart, Chris Lee, Elisabeth Moss, Trevor Noah & More Join the 2019 SXSW Lineup

Film Keynote Jessica Brillhart and a new round of Featured Speakers join the 2019 SXSW programming lineup today. From new ventures in digital health and cannabis to voyaging into the world of VR and the deep blue sea – dive into our latest announcement sampling some of the world’s most creative visionaries, dynamic storytellers, and industry trailblazers.

Jessica Brillhart, founder of independent studio Vrai Pictures, is an immersive director, writer, and theorist. She was the Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google where she worked with engineers to develop Google Jump, a virtual reality live-action capture ecosystem. Brillhart joins previously-announced Keynotes Joseph Lubin (Interactive), Shirley Manson and Lauren Mayberry (Music), Marti Noxon (Film), and Kevin Systrom with Josh Constine (Interactive).

“A shining star in the immersive arts community, Jessica Brillhart is an early explorer trying to define storytelling in the immersive world and she’s spearheaded early innovation in creating stories using VR, AR, and AI,” said Janet Pierson, Director of Film. “We are excited to share her perspectives on this exciting field, as well as from our many esteemed Featured Speakers in entertainment, business, and technology.”

Among the Featured Speakers revealed today are Clovyr co-founder Amber Baldet; singer and actor Lance Bass; Black Girls CODE founder Kimberly Bryant; musician and activist Laura Jane Grace; puppeteer, director, and producer Frank Oz; Backstage Capital founder Arlan Hamilton; actor and comedian Kevin Hart; philosopher and writer Jaron Lanier; SM Entertainment’s Head of A&R Chris Lee; actress and producer Elisabeth Moss; The Daily Show host Trevor Noah; actress and writer Busy Philipps; GSD&M chairman and co-founder Roy Spence; and more. Additionally, best-selling author and researcher Brené Brown has been added as the SXSW 2019 Opening Speaker on Friday, March 8.

Fuel your own creativity and career aspirations this March 8-17 in Austin, TX at SXSW 2019. Register to gain access to our exciting lineup of programming through Friday, December 7 to save $300. Get to know this stellar lineup of creatives below including each session’s Conference Track designation from our 25 programming verticals representing the interactive, film, and music industries. Stay tuned for more programming announcements throughout the season.


Jessica Brillhart (Film) — Jessica Brillhart is an immersive director, writer, and theorist. She’s the founder of the independent studio, Vrai Pictures. Previously, Brillhart was the Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google where she worked with engineers to develop Google Jump, a virtual reality live-action capture ecosystem. Since then, Brillhart has made a range of highly acclaimed VR experiences, working with such entities as NASA, the Philharmonia Orchestra in London, Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence program, the Montreal Canadiens, and the Weather Channel. In 2017, Brillhart was heralded by MIT Technology Review as an innovator and pioneer in the field of virtual reality filmmaking and immersive entertainment.
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Featured Speakers

Amber Baldet (Blockchain & Cryptocurrency) – Amber Baldet is co-founder and CEO of Clovyr, a company reshaping how businesses connect to each other and the world’s data. Having previously led JPMorgan’s blockchain efforts and appearing on 2017’s Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business, Baldet “handily bridges the divide between the Wall Street and crypto sets.” Baldet also serves on the Board of the Zcash Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to building Internet payment and privacy infrastructure for the public good.
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Lance Bass (Music Industry & Culture) – Lance Bass is the quintessential illustration of a highly successful and driven jack-of-all-trades: singer, host, actor, producer, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and cosmonaut. Beyond his fame as a member of the phenomenally successful group *NSYNC, where the group sold an impressive 80 million plus records worldwide, Bass has made himself a household name. Producing is his true passion with several films and television shows under his belt including: Boy Band Con, Lance Loves Michael-E! special, Celebrity Home Raiders, Kidnapped for Christ, Mississippi: I Am, The Grand, Lovewrecked and On the Line.
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A Better Future Through Digital Health Featured Session (Health & MedTech) — The U.S. health care system is big, complex, at times difficult to navigate, and expensive. The good news is that a fix is within our grasp: It’s digital, and consumers are willing to embrace it as long as it meets their needs and provides the level of quality they expect. Delivering this requires a full-on consumer-centric approach. Join Kevin Hart (actor and comedian), David Ko (President and COO, Rally Health, Inc.), Sarah Martin (VP, Product and Consumer Innovation at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina) and Vickie Strickland (Director, Health Strategy & Resources Delta Air Lines) to learn their strategies for advancing the promise of digital health.
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Brené Brown (Social & Global Impact) – Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy and is the author of the #1 New York Times best-sellers: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wilderness, and Dare to Lead. Brené Brown will be the SXSW 2019 Opening Speaker.
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Kimberly Bryant (Entrepreneurship & Startups) – Kimberly Bryant is the Founder and CEO of Black Girls CODE, a non-profit organization dedicated to “changing the face of technology” by introducing girls of color (ages 7-17) to the field of technology and computer science with a concentration on entrepreneurial concepts. Prior to starting Black Girls CODE, Bryant enjoyed a successful 20+ year professional career in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as an Engineering Manager in a series of technical leadership roles for various Fortune 50 companies such as Genentech, Merck, and Pfizer. Since 2011, Bryant has helped Black Girls CODE grow from a local grassroots initiative serving only the Bay Area, to an international organization with fourteen chapters across the U.S. and in Johannesburg, South Africa. Black Girls CODE has currently reached over 15,000 students and continues to grow and thrive.
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Cannabis and Wellness: The Body and Beyond Featured Session (Cannabusiness) – This session will explore the potential of cannabis to contribute to not only physical, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. From Ricky Williams’ (Former Heisman trophy winner and NFL running back) experience, the most profound effect that cannabis has had on his life has been spiritual — helping him find his purpose. Williams joins Jess Dugan (The Oil Plant, Inc.), Dr. Michele Ross (CEO of Infused Health) and John Salley (Former NBA player) for a conversation about how the medicinal benefits of marijuana have now catapulted cannabis in the mainstream, but all holistic forms of medicine recognize that in order to maintain physical health, we must also attend to the health of our psyches.
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Troy Dayton (Cannabusiness) — Dayton co-founded cannabis investment and research firm The Arcview Group in 2010, and serves as CEO. Arcview created the Arcview Investor Network where more than 1200 high net-worth investors have pumped more than $200 million into 190+ cannabis-related ventures and raised more than $3 million for the legalization effort. Arcview also publishes The State of Legal Marijuana Markets, the most-cited market data and analysis report on the industry. Arcview co-founded Cannasure Insurance Services in 2011 and launched Canopy, a business accelerator in 2015. Dayton is an elected board member of the Marijuana Policy Project and is a founding board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Fortune Magazine named him as one of the top 7 most powerful people in the cannabis industry.
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Laura Jane Grace (Music Industry & Culture) – To say musician, author, and activist Laura Jane Grace has had a defiant career would be the understatement of the year. Whether being accused of leaving the DIY punk scene to pursue a major label career over a decade ago, or courageously challenging people’s conceptions of gender identity with a bombshell Rolling Stone article, Grace has remained a daring and influential cultural figure in her over 20+ years of creating dynamic art across various mediums. Sure, she’s bound to worry some fans with her decision to press pause on Against Me! to release a more intimate singer-songwriter leaning solo album under the name Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers, but her artistic motivation cast her determination in steel.
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Arlan Hamilton (Entrepreneurship & Startups) – Arlan Hamilton is a remarkable entrepreneur who built a venture capital fund from the ground up while homeless. She is the Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital, a venture capital firm dedicated to minimizing funding disparities in tech by investing in high-potential founders who are people of color, women, and/or LGBT. Started in 2015, Backstage has now invested nearly $5M into 100 startups led by underestimated founders and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Quartz.
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Jaron Lanier (Intelligent Future) — Jaron Lanier is known as godfather of Virtual Reality, since he named it, had the first startup, and built many of the first app examples including surgical simulation. He’s received a lifetime career award from the IEEE as well as the German Peace Prize for Books and many other awards. Lanier was named one of tech’s 25 icons of the last 25 years by Wired and is on lots of other fancy lists. He writes books and thinks social media is harming the world.
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Chris Lee (Music Industry & Culture) — Since joining SM Entertainment’s A&R department in 2005, Chris Lee has played a visionary role in the evolution of Asia’s leading entertainment agency. He made a name for himself by developing SM’s peerless production system, which involves a global network of more than 900 hit songwriters (from legends like Teddy Riley to pop sensations like Bruno Mars). Lee’s efforts introduced the songcamp model to K-pop, setting a new precedent for the Asian music industry as a whole. Lee takes a similarly hands-on approach to nearly every facet of SM’s prodigious output, and fostering top global acts like EXO, Super Junior, Red Velvet, and NCT. As a member of SM Entertainment Group’s board of directors, Lee is actively involved in formulating fresh corporate development strategies and directions.
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Amy Margolis (Cannabusiness) – Amy Margolis has been a lawyer for more than 16 years and is the founder of the Oregon Cannabis Association. She frequently advises both businesses and investors on deploying capital in the cannabis space, multi-jurisdictional growth, public offerings, and every other stage of business and corporate development. Margolis is also the founder of The Initiative, a business accelerator for female entrepreneurs, to train and fund women in the cannabis space.
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Elisabeth Moss (Entertainment Influencers) – Elisabeth Moss can soon be seen in Alex Ross Perry’s HER SMELL and Jordan Peele’s Us, both of which will be opening theatrically in March of 2019. Moss is currently starring in the Emmy Award-winning Hulu drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, based on the acclaimed Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, on which she also serves as a producer. Among the many honors and accolades she has received are Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in a Drama Series and Best Drama Series. Other upcoming credits include The Kitchen opposite Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish and Shirley with Michael Stuhlbarg, which she also produced.
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Trevor Noah and The Daily Show “News Team” Panel Hard with Jake Tapper Featured Session (Media & Journalism) — CNN Anchor & Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper sits down with Daily Show host Trevor Noah and correspondents Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta, Desi Lydic, Dulcé Sloan, Roy Wood Jr. and Jaboukie Young-White to panel harder than anyone has ever paneled before. They’ll discuss how today’s fast-paced media cycle has changed (and keeps changing!) the late-night comedy landscape. The Daily Show team will offer an inside look at how they tackle politics, race, and social issues on the show. And they’ll also dive into how both their digital team and Emmy Award-winning series “Between the Scenes” lend a fresh perspective to the larger conversation that happens with their audience.
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Frank Oz (Entertainment Influencers) — Oz is a four-time Emmy winner and recipient of The Art Director’s Guild Award, The Comedy Awards’ Creative Achievement Award, Saturn Lifetime Achievement Award, George Foster Peabody award, and others. He’s performed with The Muppets and on the Star Wars films. The dozen feature films he’s directed include Little Shop of Horrors, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, In & Out, The Score, and Death at a Funeral.
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Busy Philipps and Hillary Kerr (Entertainment Influencers) – Busy Philipps is an actress best known for roles in cult TV classics like Dawson’s Creek, Freaks and Geeks, Cougar Town, ER, and most recently HBO’s Vice Principals. She has appeared in fan-favorite films such as Made of Honor, I Don’t Know How She Does It, He’s Just Not That Into You, White Chicks, and The Gift. Philipps also was one of the writers of the hit film Blades of Glory. In fall 2018, her late-night talk show Busy Tonight premiered on E!. Hillary Kerr is the co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Clique Brands, a content, commerce, and consumer brands company that includes WhoWhatWear.com, Byrdie.com, MyDomaine.com, CollegeFashionista.com, and the Who What Wear Collection.
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Sharks Everywhere! How We Multiplatform Shark Week Featured Session (Making Film & Episodics) – Every year, Discovery Channel brings Shark Week to audiences on every possible platform and device, from cable TV to Snapchat to social to connected devices to plush toys and Walmart displays. Two of the principal creators and architects of the Shark Week Experience, Fred Graver (Senior Vice President, Digital Content and Social for Discovery Digital) and Scott Lewers (Executive Vice President of Multi-Platform Programming and Digital Media for Discovery and Science Channels) bring you behind-the-scenes in the creation, distribution, and community-building around Shark Week. Includes linear programming, digital production, sponsorships, and partnerships and a lot of shark tales!
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Roy Spence (Future Workplace) – Roy Spence is the chairman and co-founder of the advertising agency GSD&M and author of the books The Amazing Faith of Texas and It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For: Why Every Extraordinary Business Is Driven By Purpose. Spence is also co-founder and CEO of The Purpose Institute, which helps organizations and leaders discover and fulfill their purpose.
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Bruce Sterling (Intelligent Future) – Bruce Sterling is an author, journalist, editor, and critic. Best known for his ten science fiction novels, he also writes short stories, book reviews, design criticism, opinion columns, and introductions for books ranging from Ernst Juenger to Jules Verne. His nonfiction works include The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on The Electronic Frontier, Tomorrow Now: Envisioning The Next Fifty Years, Shaping Things, and The Epic Struggle of the Internet Of Things. His most recent book is a collection of Italian fantascienza stories, Utopia Pirata: I Racconti Di Bruno Argento.
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Kerry Trainor (Music Industry & Culture) – Kerry Trainor is the Chief Executive Officer of SoundCloud, leading the strategic direction of the platform’s creator-first initiatives. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, empowering the world’s audio creators with the best tools, services and resources to build and grow their careers. Since Trainor joined, SoundCloud has rolled out a number of new services and features, including most recently the expansion of SoundCloud Premier, its direct monetization program, integrations with major DJ applications, a partnership with Dubset, and more, benefiting its community of more than 20 million creators globally.
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Damon Wayans Jr. and Kristopher B. Jones (Entrepreneurship & Startups) – In this session, actor and comedian Damon Wayans, Jr. and serial entrepreneur and investor Kristopher B. Jones will explore the convergence of Silicon Valley and Hollywood. In 2016, Wayans and Jones founded Special Guest App to drive efficiency into the process of booking non-managed and emerging talent. Backed by Silicon Valley investors, including Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Venture Partners (first investor in Snapchat), Special Guest is determined to democratize the way that anyone, anywhere discovers and books live entertainment.
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November 27, 2018

Stylish Digital Art: The Way of Waking Up

Stylish Digital Art: The Way of Waking Up

Jesus Amador is a product designer working with UI and UX design but he is also an incredible digital artists as you can see on this beautiful project he shared on his Behance profile. The illustrations and digital art have a super stylish look with a sort of sepia tone and a very surrealist feel. I am a fan of anything that combines abstract ideas with the noir look, which it seems that J Amador achieved amazingly well.

“So then, when you’re in the way of waking up, and finding out who you are, you meet a character called a guru, as the Hindus say ‘the teacher,’ ‘the awakener.’ And what is the function of a guru? He’s the man that looks you in the eye and says ‘Oh come off it. I know who you are.’

You come to the guru and say ‘Sir, I have a problem. I’m unhappy, and I want to get one up on the universe. I want to become enlightened. I want spiritual wisdom.’ The guru looks at you and says ‘Who are you?’ ” 

– Alan Watts

Jesus (Chuz), Product Designer, digital artist and illustrator based in Costa Rica. For more information make sure to check out his website at https://launchpad.animaapp.com/jesusamador/home

Digital Art

Nov 27, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Illustration

November 27, 2018

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App

With the announcement of my Osore: Sararīman Lightroom Presets (by the way 10% discount is still available, just use “abdz“). When the idea of creating presets started to conceptualize in my mind, during my process/research I was found in front of much-saturated content on the subbject about Lightroom Presets. One of the reasons why Ligthtroom has quite a few changes since the mid-year. This is why I think this article is a great opportunity to share my tips and experience. Let’s get a closer get a closer look at different ways to “Import presets on your Desktop and/or the Mobile app” more specifically on Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile.

What is the difference between Lightroom CC vs Photoshop Lightroom Mobile?

At first, it can totally bring confusion let’s just say that Lightroom is no longer one application. The original Lightroom is now called Lightroom Classic CC and the cloud-based application is now called Lightroom CC. Is it clearer? No! *Closing the loop

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App Lightroom CC vs Photoshop Lightroom Mobile

What do you need?

Always make sure to update your Lightroom applications to the latest version. If you are a paid monthly subscriber, always helpful when installing new presets.

Import Presets on Lightroom Classic CC

For starters, there are multiple ways to import your presets into Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, I will share how I did it with my presets.

  • First, you download the .Zip file from the presets you dearly wish to get.
  • Go to Lightroom > Preferences Dialog > Presets Tab
  • Under Location, you shall see one or two buttons. “Show Lightroom Develop Presets” and/or “Show all Other Lightroom Presets”
  • When clicked on “Show all Other Lightroom Presets”, Lighroom will show you where are all the settings folders are.
  • Look for the “CameraRaw” folder then “Settings”
  • Drag and drop your new presets folder
  • Quit and restart Lightroom and you shall see them added on the Presets section

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App Show all Other Lightroom Presets

More simpler way?

  • First, you download the .Zip file from the presets you dearly wish to get.
  • File > Import Develop Profiles and Presets
  • Voilà!

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App File > Import Develop Profiles and Presets

What happened to the lr.template?

If you are like me who have used presets before April 2018, you might have noticed a new file type .xmp since. What is it? It’s quite simple, the new file called .xmp. It has been created for whatever you make in Lightroom or CameraRaw, you will both be able to see the presets and profiles across both applications and vice-versa.

Import Presets on Lighroom CC on Mobile

Again, there are multiple ways to import your presets into Lightroom CC on Mobile, here is an easy way!

First, make sure you are logged into your Creative Cloud, very important and that you have Lightroom CC on Mobile installed on your iPhone or Android phone. Don’t worry too much about the storage factor with Lightroom CC because we are only using as a transfer app in order for you to use your presets from Lightroom Classic to CC Mobile.

Back to Lightroom Classic, first pick a preset that would want to import or a bunch of presets that you would want to store in a folder. To find the preset file, right-click on it and choose “Show in Finder”. Then start dragging!

Now back to Lightroom CC, go to File > Import Profiles and Presets… Find your folder and click Import. Voilà! You will notice that you shall see your presets right in your Lightroom CC on iPhone and Lightroom CC on Android.

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App File > Import Profiles and Presets..

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App

Get my presets as seen in this article

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App

Nov 27, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Tutorials