October 27, 2018

Why You Need These $10 Crab Clamps in Your Filmmaking Life

A good filmmaking tool is a versatile filmmaking tool.

Filmmaking gear can be crazy expensive. Oftentimes finding something that is a.) cheap, and b.) able to solve a lot of production problems is like finding a friggin’ unicorn, but the team over at The Film Look have made a video showcasing a piece of gear that fills both of those requirements and much more: clamps. Yeah, clamps aren’t the sexiest thing on a film set—that would be the craft services table—but they’re easily one of the most useful items that you’re ever going to have in your gear bag. Check out the video to learn the many ways you can put clamps to work.

The clamps used in the video are $10 crab clamps from SmallHD, which come with a ballhead magic arm. This combo allows you to mount your gear, whether it’s a light, microphone, or camera, pretty much wherever a clamp can clamp—which is pretty much anywhere. The max load for these things is a little over 2 lbs., which doesn’t sound like much, but if you’ve got a small LED panel, a monitor, or shotgun mic, their weight is well within its means.

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Source: NoFilmSchool