October 19, 2018

Evercast Livestreams Any Post-Production Workflow to Creatives Around the World

It’s videoconferencing. On steroids.

As the appetite for content grows (and film and television productions continue to send creative teams all over the world to shoot), the ability to get all creatives in one place at one time to collaborate becomes more challenging and more expensive. But it doesn’t have to be, thanks to a new collaborative tool: Evercast.

When Evercast co-founder Brad Thomas was producing YouTube videos at his previous company, he couldn’t find a simple, effective way to share content for feedback with clients who weren’t in the same geographic location. In his search for a solution, Thomas realized he needed to build one. Along with his co-founder Alex Cyrell, Thomas started work on Evercast, soon bringing on renowned editor Roger Barton (World War Z, multiple Transformers films, Star Wars Episode III) as the third co-founder to help build a robust, secure, easy-to-use collaborative tool to allow editors to share post-production workflows online in real time.

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Source: NoFilmSchool