October 12, 2018

Field Test: Try Out Two New Sigma Cine Primes – the 14mm and 135mm

Sigma keeps expanding its popular Cine Primes with a new 135mm and the ultra wide 14mm.

Sigma has made a name for itself in cinema glass faster than anyone would’ve thought. We walked away impressed with the Sigma Cine Zooms when we got to try them a few years back and they have been extremely popular with users. We kept hearing repeated praise from working cinematographers for the company’s series of prime lenses, and we had a roundtable discussion with the DP and operators on Sneaky Pete for the SoC earlier this year that was full of praise for its performance despite its light weight (which especially made their steadicam operator happy).

We were excited to try out the full set, including the two newest lenses in the series (the ultra wide 14mm and the long 135mm) on a shoot recently, and we walked away very impressed.

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Source: NoFilmSchool