October 5, 2018

Give Some Feedback to Get Some Feedback on Your Film With the Free App Critiqr

Take advantage of the creative hive mind before you finish your next film.

Filmmaking is naturally a collaborative process. Just before we finish a film, many of us seek out reactions from an audience to help us fine-tune the final cut. At the beginning of a film career, the circle of friends willing and able to give constructive feedback on a film project can be quite small. What if you could seek out feedback from other creators like you, working on their craft and putting their own work out into the world, even if they are a world away?

As filmmaker Kira Bursky built up her audience on YouTube and created multiple narrative shorts that went viral, her fan base started to reach out to her to get feedback on their own films. Time and work constraints made responding to all of these requests impossible, but Bursky was determined to help her fans nonetheless. Her solution was to create Critiqr, a free app for iOS and Android to build a community of creators and critiquers to share work-in-progress films to give and get feedback.

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Source: NoFilmSchool