September 30, 2018

That ‘Pulp Fiction’/Brett Kavanaugh Mashup Came From ‘Good Time’ Directors Josh and Benny Safdie (Exclusive)

Little of what emerged from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh’s dueling testimonies in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee can be described as good, but there are a few exceptions. Samantha Bee delivered a poignant (and humorous) message the next day, and Matt Damon’s impression of Kavanaugh was the highlight of last night’s “Saturday Night Live” season premiere.

No less funny is a minute-long mashup of the Supreme Court nominee’s testimony with Samuel L. Jackson’s famous “Pulp Fiction” monologue (below), which IndieWire has confirmed was made by “Good Time” and “Heaven Knows What” directors Josh and Benny Safdie.

“You’re Brett, right?” Jules (Jackson) asks as it opens. “Correct,” Kavanaugh responds. “I got into Yale Law School.”

“Check out the big brain on Brett!” Jules says. “You a smart motherfucker, that’s right.” Kavanaugh’s love of beer gets a lot of attention, just as it did during his testimony: “Looks like me and Vincent caught you boys at breakfast, sorry about that. Whatcha having?”

“Beer. I still like beer.”

“You mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down?”

Jackson himself has seen the video, and given it his stamp of approval on Twitter: “Funny as hell, but there’s nothing funny about his Lying Fratboy Ass!!!”

Source: IndieWire film