September 30, 2018

Roman Polanski’s Rape Victim Defends Him Against Esquire Article: ‘I’ve Grown Up, Why Can’t Everyone Else’

The news that Roman Polanski not only has a new movie in the works but that it reportedly concerns a man accused of a crime he didn’t commit has received an expectedly mixed reaction. Esquire wrote about the film’s place (or lack thereof) in the #MeToo era, which didn’t sit well with at least one person: Samantha Geimer, whom the filmmaker was found guilty of having sex with in 1977, when she was 13 years old.

“Roman hardly need a #MeToo comeback. This is all you’ve got Esquire, attacking a man who has apologize and made amends years ago?” she tweeted.

“Pleaded guilty served his time,” Geimer continued. “Abused along with his ‘victim’ by the same insane judge. I’ve grown up, why can’t everyone else.” (Polanski didn’t actually serve his time, however, as he fled the country when he learned that he would be sentenced to further jail time and has yet to return in the 41 years since.) Geimer’s Twitter profile notes that she’s been “fighting losing battles since 1977.”

Geimer has made similar comments in the past, most of which have to do with moving on from the experience and not prolonging it any further. Earlier this year she spoke to IndieWire about the handwritten apology Polanski sent her, which she seems to have accepted: “It was really meaningful to the other people around me who care about me, which then made it really meaningful to me. Anything that can make my mom feel better is something I’m grateful for,” she said.

“Apologies — I think you should take them, even if you don’t want them,” Geimer added.


Source: IndieWire film