September 29, 2018

Let This Infographic Tell You How to Be the Best PA You Can Be

If you’re a production assistant and want to stand out among the rest of your fellow PAs, take a look at this.

Production assistant: it’s often the first position aspiring filmmakers take on their journey to becoming rich and famous and mega respected directors, so suffice it to say that it’s really, really, really important to be exceptional at it. But— how? Isn’t the job mostly just taking drink orders and generally being in the way of everything? Well, yes…but no. There’s so much more to being a PA than being a coffee mule. Being prepared, able to communicate clearly, and anticipate the needs of the cast and crew are just a few of the highly desired qualities directors look for in a PA, but there are many other qualifications and skills that will definitely help you shine brightest while on set.

Lucky for you, Sean Baran of FilmToolKit has put together a super handy infographic that goes over several important aspects of being a production assistant, from being well-equipped with all of the necessary tools and gear to how to comport yourself while on set to make sure you come across capable and professional. Check it out below:

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Source: NoFilmSchool