September 23, 2018

Tutorial: Shoot Underwater with This $10 DIY Periscope

This DIY periscopic device allows you to capture what’s going underwater with virtually any camera.

Since cameras don’t take to liquids very well, getting shots below the surface of water requires dedicated underwater camera housings. Problem is—these things usually require a significant financial investment, oftentimes costing upwards of $1500. But what if you’re like this YouTuber, Alex from I did a thing, who just wanted to take a quick peek at the frogs swimming around in his pond? Well, then you might want to do as he did and build yourself a makeshift periscope out of $10’s worth of supplies that lets you get some pretty sweet shots underwater.

Alex walks you through the steps in the tutorial below:

If you’re interested in taking a crack at this build, here are the materials you’ll need:

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Source: NoFilmSchool