September 15, 2018

Watch: The Early Work of 'Mandy' DP Benjamin Loeb

Bloody gore, lensed by a talented cinematographer, never looked so good as it does in ‘Mandy.’

Some films defy description and others benefit from an exacting and studied scene-by-scene breakdown. And then there are films like Mandy, the gnarly, otherworldly feature from director Panos Cosmatos shot by Benjamin Loeb, that dare you to verbalize the film’s impact into words. Allow me to play the fool for a moment.

Less a film about revenge than one about cartharsis—its brutality representing a purging of one’s outer and inner demons—Mandy is a film which exists less on planet Earth than on the top shelf of a VHS rental store located in the darkest crevice of your brain (or in your local neighborhood mall’s Hot Topic).

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Source: NoFilmSchool