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    Your Guide to SXSW 2019 Convergence Tracks: Food, VR/AR/MR & More

    September 14, 2018

September 14, 2018

Your Guide to SXSW 2019 Convergence Tracks: Food, VR/AR/MR & More

Swim with a Shark: Rise and Grind to Maximize Your Day - Photo by Debra Reyes

At the core of the SXSW Conference, Convergence Tracks blend technology and culture into innovative and cross-disciplinary programming that inspires new levels of creative collaboration.

Among many other topics, 2019 SXSW Convergence programming will explore the connection between tech, journalism, activism, and politics. Look forward to sessions about the eruption of new sectors like cannabis-focused enterprise, and the emergence of new technology like VR/AR/MR and its applications. Learn how previously separate industries have combined in unique ways to affect change and get inspired to disrupt and build something new of your own!

Convergence programming brings new industries and new ideas to the forefront of the event. Explore the full list of Convergence Tracks for SXSW 2019 below.

2019 Convergence Tracks


March 14-16 | Navigate the technological, cultural, and political ecosystem surrounding the future of cannabis-focused enterprise. As cannabis becomes more widely legalized, there is immense opportunity for entrepreneurs to seek funding and grow their businesses within a rapidly evolving industry.

Cities, Government, & Politics

March 8-11 | The Cities, Government & Politics Track focuses on innovative city development, privacy issues, and how politics plays a role in shaping policy on all levels of government.


March 14-16 | Designed for US-based attorneys, entrepreneurs, and beyond – the Continuing Legal Education Track will include up to 12 hours of accredited sessions available at no extra cost to SXSW registrants. Delve into sessions covering hot-button legal issues across the music, film and emerging technologies industries.

Experiential Storytelling

March 8-10 | Investigate how experimental strategies are redefining the ways in which audiences experience their world.


March 11-13 | Chefs, entrepreneurs, activists, farmers, scientists, and enthusiasts come together in the Food Track to explore ways in which technology and innovation can be leveraged to change the way we grow, cook and consume food to create a more sustainable and healthier world.

Media & Journalism

March 8-14 | Explore how journalism, analysis, and content distribution are being impacted by technology and culture. This track will examine the fast-changing media landscape, as older institutions and newer organizations battle for consumer attention.

Social & Global Impact

March 8-13 | The Social & Global Impact Track highlights innovations and initiatives that are contributing to a better and more equitable world.


March 8-10 | Dive into topics such as diversity and equality in sports, the implications of legal gambling, and athlete entrepreneurship. The Sports Track explores the future of sport from a cultural, philosophical, and technological perspective.


March 11-13 | Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are pioneering new ways to dramatically enhance how we experience the world around us. Learn about our current capabilities with these interfaces as well as where these systems are heading in the next few years.

Join Us in March 2019

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Swim with a Shark: Rise and Grind to Maximize Your Day – Photo by Debra Reyes

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