September 14, 2018

How to Visualize the Earth's Natural Elements: Edoardo de Angelis on 'The Vice of Hope'

“In one shot, we calculated that we moved, actors and the camera, 1.5 kilometers from the beginning to the end of the shot.”

An acclaimed new voice in Italian cinema, Edoardo De Angelis (Indivisible) started out with the idea to tell a story about a lawless world next to the river Volturno in Italy. He’s now made a film where the camera flows ceaselessly around the characters, just like that river. The Vice of Hope follows the protagonist Maria as she trafficks surrogate mothers, women down and out on their luck, and often immigrants, along the Volturno river.

“This area to me is the emblem of Italy today…it’s a land that’s mixed, like our blood,” described de Angelis in the Q&A following the TIFF premiere, “Those want to prevent others from having the desire to arrive here have to accept it, because you can’t stop other people’s desire to move.” In addition to the setting of the film being used as a symbol of the modern face of Italy in a shifting world, the film revolves around the symbolism of birth, and to play the protagonist, he cast the mother of his own child: the talented Italian actress Pina Turco.

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Source: NoFilmSchool