September 9, 2018

CBS Chief Les Moonves Expected to Resign Following Six More Accusations of Sexual Harassment

Following the publication of a New Yorker report that includes six more allegations against the embattled CBS chief, Les Moonves is expected to resign his post by tomorrow morning. A total of 12 women have now accused him of sexual misconduct, with some of their stories dating back decades; according to CNN, CBS’ board of directors will announce the departure after a “global” settlement that could be worth more than $100 is finalized.

“I recognize that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances,” Moonves said in a statement following the first round of accusations. “Those were mistakes, and I regret them immensely. But I always understood and respected — and abided by the principle — that ‘no’ means ‘no.’”

The latest New Yorker report was written by Ronan Farrow, as was the first; he has also reported extensively on Harvey Weinstein and other high-profile figures accused of sexual misconduct.

Among Moonves’ accusers is Illeana Douglas, who alleges that he held her down and forcibly kissed her in 1997. “You sort of black out,” she said at the time. “You think, How long is this going to go on? I was just looking at this nice picture of his family and his kids. I couldn’t get him off me…It has stayed with me the rest of my life, that terror,” she added.

Source: IndieWire film